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A World-Class Team !


Combining high-level domain expertise with seasoned financial services expertise to create innovative solutions for the environmental Credits market



Claire Bright


Claire has more than 40 years of experience working in regulated banking and exchange environments. She held MD-level and executive positions with major financial institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, CITI, HBOS, Standard Chartered and Egg (the UK’s first internet bank), and was the first-ever female Treasurer of a bank in the Arabian Gulf. She served as CEO and CFO for startups in the financial services consulting arena, where she provided strategic business and financing advice and delivered guidance on regulatory compliance matters to companies in the UK, European Union, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. She also advised the first blockchain-based exchange in the UK, using her DCM experience. Claire recently published a booklet “Carbon Burning: Preparing for net zero“ to serve as a primer for those who need to start on a net zero journey and take action in calculating and reporting their GHG emissions.  

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Kevin Pinnell


Kevin is an environmentally-focused entrepreneur with extensive experience in investment banking, venture capital and building startups in multiple domains, including AI energy tech, fintech & trading technologies.  A graduate of Duke University, he began his career as an energy investment banker and venture capitalist at Salomon Brothers and Bank of America, providing structured financing for electricity infrastructure of merchant power grids in Europe & Latin America, which inspired his interest in the sustainability sector. While at Bank of America, in addition to guiding the launch of several successful electronic exchanges, he conceptualized and founded an innovative

AI energy-tech power management company, sparking his interest in the startup arena. He has a proven track record in founding and leading new companies in diverse industry sectors and has managed a portfolio of startups, creating successful exits and delivering a 3x plus return to investors. Kevin is a visionary leader and a skilled team builder whose strategic planning, tenacity and collaborative communication style cultivate the prosperity of any company he launches. 

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Edwin Carlson

COO Americas

Edwin is an operations and technology executive with more than 30 years of experience in the fintech arena. He has a solid strategy & operations background honed at Accenture and has executive experience with traditional banking companies that include JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Royal & Sun Alliance and HSBC. He has also successfully built fintech startups, including an offshore bank that combined TradeFi with DeFi, where he delivered a world-class Know Your Business (KYB) system supporting both digital assets and traditional banking operations. Edwin remains up-to-date in the industry through continuing education at leading universities in the digital asset and blockchain space and he has taught the application of blockchain technology to banking executives and others in the financial services industry globally.

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Don Piper

Chief Oceanic Officer 

Don is an applied research specialist with expertise in the fields of aquaculture, marine permaculture and ecosystem design & development. He is a principal of Ocean Foresters, an international engineering and scientific consulting firm dedicated to supporting local coastal communities in the design, build, and operation of permanent Aquatic Foods Ecosystems. He has taught Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and Chaminade University, among others, and has mentored more than 500 entrepreneurs in the launching of sustainable businesses. Don was Chairman of the Board of NTouchResearch Corporation and The Phoenix, a research management company, and was a founding member of two angel capital funds. He also sits on the Advisory Board of Blue Carbon Working Group.

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Aldyen Donnelly

Chief Carbon Officer

Aldyen is a Climate Change pioneer with over 30 years of experience in the field, having pursued her work on market-driven strategies to reduce atmospheric heat-trapping gases since the early 1990s. She is a co-founder of Nori LLC, a blockchain-based carbon removal marketplace, where she developed protocols for carbon removal certificates. She has also been instrumental in the design of early greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation and renewable energy policy and co-authored the Nova Scotia Province GHG Emissions Regulations (enacted in 2009) that constituted the world’s first GHG regulation to impose an absolute, declining cap on electricity sector GHGs, resulting in a 33% province-wide reduction of GHGs by 2020. She has extensive experience assisting corporations with climate change & GHG-related risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Through her founding and leadership of the Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium (GEMCo), she mobilized substantial private capital to finance environmental protection innovations using disruptive technologies. Her achievements include carbon-capture and storage projects, a stationary fuel-cell application and the use of emission-reduction credits to finance carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. Throughout her career, Aldyen has held prominent leadership positions both publicly and with private firms and served as a Public Governor of the Vancouver Stock Exchange. 

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